Burma with Walnut
Burma with Walnut

Burma with Walnut

Price : 37.50 USD(Vat included)

Prepared with the special recipe of Karaköy Güllüoğlu, Walnut Burma is an indispensable flavor for dessert lovers with its rich walnuts and single layer phyllo dough.

Walnut Burma, which is wrapped with a thin rolling pin in the hands of skilled craftsmen, is cut and takes its round shape.
With the addition of half a walnut on it, the final touch is completed and presented to you.

Allergens: Walnut Burma contains gluten, milk and dairy products, eggs. It may contain small amounts of peanuts and hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Walnut Burma contains wheat flour, clarified butter, walnut kernel, beet sugar, water, wheat starch, egg, salt. Does not contain glucose syrup.

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