Çikolatalı Baklava Tepside
Çikolatalı Baklava Tepside
Chocolate Baklava on a Tray

Chocolate Baklava on a Tray 2.3 KG

Price : 85.36 USD(Vat included)

A favorite of chocolate lovers, Karaköy Güllüoğlu's delicious Chocolate Baklava Tray variety is prepared with masterful touches and presented to you. Chocolate Baklava, where you can taste chocolate in every bite, is prepared with thin baklava dough. It appeals to every taste with the hazelnut filling used in it. The Chocolate Baklava Tray, which is made the final touch with its syrup, takes its place on the counters. Chocolate Baklava comes in an average of 2,250-2,350 grams in a tray. Weights or quantities may vary.

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