Pastry with Meat
Pastry with Meat

Pastry with Meat

Price : 14.59 USD(Vat included)

This product is sent by courier within Istanbul only, NOT SHIPPED WITH CARGO.

Thin phyllo shaped by skilled hands and delicious ground meat come together. Karaköy Güllüoğlu Minced Water Pastry accompanies you as well as chatting with your loved ones. It is possible to reach this flavor, which gives the most delicious form of pastry with its sprawling scent, by ordering online.

Allergens: Meat Pastry contains gluten, egg, milk and dairy product.

Ingredients: Water Pastry with Minced Meat, wheat flour, clarified butter, minced meat mixture (minced meat + parsley + spices), egg, wheat starch, salt, water.

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