Sultan Ekstra Lokum 500 GR
Sultan Ekstra Lokum 500 GR

Sultan Extra Turkish Delight 500 GR

Delight, which is a sweet snack with both tea and coffee, turns into an exquisite elegance that you can present as a gift. Delicious Turkish delights produced by masters are combined in a single box. Sultan Extra Turkish Delight is carefully arranged and presented to you. In this box, which keeps the flavor inside, there are 4 varieties of Turkish Delight with hazelnut cream, almond, pistachio, milk piece chocolate and creamy chocolate.

Ingredients: Sugar, Corn Starch, water, soapwort, acidity regulator (e330), cocoa hazelnut cream, milk hazelnut cream depending on the type of pistachio minimum 20%, almond minimum 20%, chocolate piece 20%, hazelnut, velvet 20%

Allergens: Contains Pistachio, Almond, Hazelnut, Dairy Product,

4 Pieces - Hazelnut Cream with Almond and Hazelnut
4 Pieces - Almond and Almond with Hazelnut Cream
4 Pieces - Red Velvet with Hazelnut Cream
4 Pieces - Hazelnut Cream Almond Milk Piece Chocolate
4 Pieces - Chocolate Delight with Hazelnut Cream

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