Vegan Baklava with Pistachio

Vegan Baklava with Pistachio

Price : 41.67 USD(Vat included)

Karaköy Güllüoğlu's Pistachio Vegan Baklava variety, which is specially prepared for vegans, is shaped in the hands of trained personnel. The products used for Vegan Baklava with Pistachio, which has a separate production area, are produced without any contact with animal products. The analysis of this flavor, which is kept separately, is done at regular intervals. It is served in the section with special taste and presented to your liking with special equipment (tray, spatula, knife).

Allergens: Vegan Baklava with Pistachio contains gluten, soy milk, peanut, walnut. It may contain small amounts of almonds and hazelnuts.

Ingredients: Vegan Baklava with Pistachio contains diabetic flour, olive oil, beet sugar, depending on the type, pistachio kernel, water, soy milk, mineral salt with reduced sodium. Does not contain glucose syrup.

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